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We are a global mission agency dedicated to advancing the glory of God through the gospel by enabling North American churches to send out their finest to establish reproducing churches around the world.



You can advance the gospel through short-term work, internships, as a career church-planter or as a tentmaker.


Diversify your investment portfolio by joining the thousands who make missions happen with their financial backing and prayers.


Follow the biblical model of releasing your church’s best servant-leaders to start churches in needy places.

seeHow the gospel transforms people and communities

The Value of a Soul

Matthew 16:26 is sometimes obscured by the epic texts that surround it. Matthew 16 contains Peter’s proclamation that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living God (v. 16). It contains Jesus’ promise to build His church and lay siege to hell (v. 18). It contains Jesus’ first prediction of His approaching passion (v….


Why you should support fewer missionaries for more

Some churches want to have a pin on every country of the missionary map in their church building. Is this a reasonable aspiration? Here are some thoughts on reducing the numbers of missionaries you support. To see the entire list of Senders Videos, please click here.