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You can now go through BMW’s entire prefield training program AND receive college credit for it at Calvary University through its new Synergy program.

BMW brings together 20 presenters from around the world with more than 400 combined years of church-planting experience to walk alongside you for three 2-week segments during your school breaks in July and January.

  • We help you discover how God has wired you to serve cross-culturally;
  • We sharpen your understanding of cultural intelligence and church-planting ministry; and
  • We equip you to forge new teams and take the gospel where it isn’t.

If you enroll in Synergy at Calvary University during your second year, you can earn 12 college credits by going through BMW’s prefield training process and serving in a 3-month internship with missionaries overseas.

Here is how your BMW training corresponds with CU courses:

Two additional bonus features to keep in mind:

  1. These 12 credits are elective credits, so they can be applied to any major, not just intercultural studies, and
  2. Calvary University’s entire program is online, so any online students can also participate in the program.

Pray about it, and if you’re interested, our Global Opportunities Team is available to answer your questions at 770.339.3500 or via email at or you can contact Josh Paxton at Calvary University.