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Your long-term success in prefield ministry and out on the field is our goal. BMW’s prefield development process involves three stages of training to help you meet your educational and fundraising goals. Each stage of BMW’s training involves prior reading assignments, several online assessments, and online interaction with classmates.

Calvary University students can receive college credit for each stage of BMW’s training.

1. Candidate Seminar

Your training begins with the Candidate Seminar, conducted for two weeks every July. The first week is a time for us to get to know you through assessments and conversations, and for you to get to know us, to learn our take on missions, cross-cultural living, evangelism, discipleship, culture, the local church, teamwork, leadership, third-culture kids, and what makes BMW tick. In the second week, we will equip the career missions group to enlist ministry partners for prayer and financial support, and equip tentmakers in their own INTENT training track (see below) to meet their unique challenges. Each of you will leave BMW with a Personal Development Plan to guide your learning and growth.

2. ReL8 Seminar

In January, six months later, you will return to BMW for a week of training in the ReL8 Seminar and Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship. ReL8 addresses the hugely important concepts of cultural dimensions, cultural intelligence, and adaptability. Good Soil trains you to discern the understanding and receptivity levels of your nonbelieving friends and neighbors, and to transition into gospel conversations with concepts that address their worldview.

3. Field-Prep Seminar

In July, six months later, if your prefield ministry and fundraising are drawing to a close, you will come back to BMW for the Field Prep Seminar, your final two weeks of training. We’ll examine church-planting more in-depth, competing worldviews, cross-cultural apologetics, insider movements, missionary ethics, teamwork issues, culture shock, adjusting as a family, handling finances from overseas, and many other essential topics. From there, you will prepare to leave for your first cross-cultural post.

INTENT Tentmaker Training

During the second week of Candidate Seminar, BMW offers the alternative of INTENT Tentmaker Training to those who will be involved in bivocational marketplace ministry on the field. This newer cutting-edge training, involving several Atlanta-area businesspersons with a heart for overseas marketplace ministry, includes topics such as tentmaker basics, business ethics and integrity, business planning, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural leadership, resumes & job placement, tentmaker schizophrenia, platform dynamics, small business accounting, time management, and project management.

Acceptance into the Mission Family normally takes place during the Candidate Seminar. You then become an “Appointee.” Your Area Director will work with you to receive an invitation from the field; you may be required to visit that field after Candidate Seminar to get acquainted with field personnel.

We want you to succeed, and having insufficient funds in a new foreign place can bring crushing discouragement, so appointees are expected to raise 100% of their required monthly support and outgoing expenses before they are approved to depart for language school or their first field assignment.


If you have questions about the Career or Tentmaker training process, please give us a call at 770.339.3500 or write to the Global Opportunities Team and they will be glad to help out.

If you feel this is God’s next step for you, fill in the fields below and click “Send.” Two things will happen: we will email you to confirm your information, and we will contact your home church to secure their recommendation.