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Imagine not leaving your career, but taking it with you overseas and helping out with a nearby church-planting project. Making a lasting difference with the gospel doesn’t mean leaving your career; you can change lives, change families, and change communities without changing your career. University students can pursue their graduate studies in overseas universities, which often provide instruction in English and at low cost.

Tentmaking is nothing new

This feels innovative. It’s not. There’s a lot of history behind this idea. Tentmaking was done by the Apostle Paul, and the amazing husband and wife ministry team, Aquila and Priscilla. Tentmaking was the main way Christianity spread for almost 1800 years. Even the father of modern missions, William Carey, wrote: “We have ever held it to be an essential principle in the conduct of missions that, whenever it is practicable, missionaries should support themselves in whole or in part through their own exertions.”

Some believe that the future of American missions lies with tentmakers, bivocational missionaries. Overseas marketplace ministers are up 600%, led by Millennials who are more willing than most to go global with their career search. And don’t just think about engineers, accountants, nurses and teachers. Carpenters, plumbers, and mechanics are needed in many First-World countries as well.

what is a tentmaker


BMW’s INTENT Seminar is held every July and is led by a team of 18 church-planters and Atlanta-area businesspersons with a heart for overseas marketplace ministry. The week-long event provides cutting edge training in tentmaker basics, cultural intelligence, business ethics and integrity, business planning, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural leadership, resumes & job placement, tentmaker schizophrenia, platform dynamics, small business accounting, time management, and project management.

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It is optimal if INTENT is taken in conjunction with BMW’s ReL8 Cross-Cultural Seminar. Whether you are a new college graduate or a professional further down the road, we can help you discover, develop, and deploy your career for the sake of the Gospel overseas.


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