Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, to set your love upon gospel-deprived people, to move cross-culturally and learn a language to impact lives, families, communities, and even cultures with the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Join the hundreds of BMW servant-leaders who are currently living and working across the globe. Short-term missions are nice, but the real work of the ministry begins after you have fully entered their world, learned their language, and adapted to their culture. Like Jesus did. Like Paul did.


Many people read about God’s Ministries through the BMW family and write to our Global Opportunities Team wanting to get involved. Here’s the information we’ll ask you for up front:

  • Are you a follower of Jesus Christ who has received His salvation by grace through faith alone?
  • What church do you consider your home church, and how do your church leaders feel about your desires for international ministry? The reason we ask this is because BMW exists to help churches send out their best servant-leaders. So, we really want to know what they think.
  • How are you currently serving? What kind of ministries have you been involved with in your local church or community? Nothing magical happens on an airplane ride overseas; you will likely do there what you’ve been doing here.
  • Have you read BMW’s online doctrinal statement and are you in agreement with it? Most believers who want to start churches have a good understanding of doctrinal distinctives. We tend to find ourselves in the Bible church and Baptist church arenas.
  • Are you looking to be a vocational missionary or a bivocational tentmaker? Are you looking to raise support from churches and individuals (a vocational missionary), or are you anticipating supporting yourself through a job in the marketplace (bivocational tentmaker)? We will need to shape your training to meet your needs.


  • Specific Qualities – We are not seeking applicants who are of a specific age, gender, color, national origin, protected disability, or veteran status. Any qualified servant of the Lord who is recommended by the leadership of their church and agrees with BMW’s doctrinal position is welcome to apply.
  • Specific Qualifications – We are not asking for you to have received formal Bible or Christian college degrees. In fact, some of BMW’s finest missionaries are those who, while engaged in secular careers, were equipped for ministry over a period of years by their local church.
  • Specific Commitments of Time – We are not asking you to commit to serving for a lifetime overseas. By “career” missions, we understand that the biblical model was for servant-leaders to take one mission at a time. In today’s world, that typically means moving overseas for at least 2-4 years to enculturate and learn the language. Your career may span many decades in gospel-deprived locations, but we leave it to God to direct your steps as to the length of time.


To begin the process, fill in the fields below and click “Send.” Two things will happen: we will email you to confirm your information, and we will contact your home church to secure their recommendation.

Once your home church provides us with a positive recommendation, you will be sent an Application. Emailing in your Application begins BMW’s training process to prepare you for the field. Go to the Training Page to learn about BMW’s pre-field training seminars.

Our Global Opportunities Team is available to answer your questions at 770.339.3500 or via email at