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The gospel creates missional demands on local churches. True, the Spirit of God calls missionaries, but local churches have to equip them and send them out. That’s Acts 13:1-3.

Many pastors love Biblical Ministries Worldwide because we really do exist to help local churches accomplish their vision for missions. You set the target; we’ll help you build a team there. Here are some of the ways we can help out.

Here are the tools we use to help your church get rewired to do missions. We can walk your church leaders through a weekend of strategic planning. We can teach you the philosophy and mechanics of church-based leadership development. We can help your people begin sharing the gospel relationally so that they can live on mission wherever they are.

Here is where we help your church’s leaders learn how to effectively send your finest servant-leaders into cross-cultural ministry. Pastors come to BMW’s headquarters in Atlanta when their families are being trained, they receive their own training in helping with support-raising, and they can benefit from a blog about mission issues.

Here are over 40 videos with three-minute answers to questions about being a “SENDING” church. Topics cover finances, vision, recruiting, supporting and training people in your pews to become missionaries.