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Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselor

High School students often rely on a guidance counsellor to help them make the choice about where to go to college.  What should they say to a Senior in high school who is contemplating becoming a missionary? In the past, it was quite simple.  The answer would be “go to a Bible College or Bible…


Missions: Who Supports Whom??

Missionary support is not all about supporting the missionary. Missionary support is also about the missionary supporting the churches that help provide for him or her. Perhaps, in our modern missions world, this is a radical concept to consider. Our current trend is centered on the idea that missionaries partner with churches or individuals on…


Are Mission Agencies Needed Today?

What would happen if all mission agencies closed?  Can a church “do” missions without using the services of a mission agency? It is true that mission agencies do not appear in the Bible.  If every Bible College, seminary and mission agency went out of existence, the local church would still have the mandate to take…


Raw Material

You’ve heard the story about the stone carver who was asked how he could turn a block of granite into a statue.  The answer was:  “simple, just chip away everything that doesn’t look like a man.”  That doesn’t help the rest of us who are not artisans or artists.  But it does underscore the importance…


Establishing a Church > Planting a Church

Some think of BMW as a church planting organization.  It is true that we start churches…. but there is more to it than that. The mission statement of BMW states that we “ESTABLISH” local churches which is more than planting a church. “Establish” includes three things: 1. Starting new churches.  The Great Commission obviously implies…


Are You a Sponsoring or Sending Church — Part 2

Previously, we examined the need for sustainable support in the lives of missionaries in order for them to accomplish the task that God has fulfilled. That sustainable support comes from two different church sources, a sponsoring church and a sending church. A sponsoring church helps to sustain the ministry A sending church helps to sustain the missionary Today, in…


Are You a Sponsoring or Sending Church — Part 1

Lessons from a Missionary As we passed through immigration and customs, my wife and I entered apprehensively into a world of unknowns. Apprehensive not only because of those unknowns, but because we were unsure if anyone had received our messages about arrival, and thus we did not know if anyone had come to the airport…



They belong to you… not BMW.  Missionaries are sent by the local church, not the mission agency.  Our role is to provide the support systems for your missionary to succeed in the job you have sent them to do.  Our job is to assist your church in sending people to the front lines.  If you…


On Becoming a Sending Church Part II: Supporting Missionaries

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”   Matthew 6:21 In a recent blog the selection of missionaries was the topic. Now we turn to the significant question of support. Ask my children what their Dad always says, and they will say “Someone has to pay!” The word Support allows for the…


On Becoming a Sending Church Part I: Missionary Selection

Having the right people is arguably the most significant part of the missions process. Without question, people who are called of God and led by the Spirit are the only ones who should be sent. The alternative is disastrous as time and resources are ‘wasted’ because of poor choices by individuals, churches and mission agencies….

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