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Below is a list of books authored or co-authored by BMW missionaries. May your hearts be blessed, your minds filled, and your spirits lifted! To view a list of books in which BMW missionaries served as a contributor or editor, please click here.

Rob Heijermans

The Beekeeper’s Daughter is a fictional prologue to Serves You Right: Loving Those We’d Rather Hate. It puts Hannah, a young Jewish girl, into the household of Naaman the leper. So before you begin Serves You Right, be sure to read this eBook, which will set the scene for Serves You Right.

Leadership Lessons from a Village in Africa
Paul Seger

In a remote village in Africa where the author grew up, the noise of Western life is silenced to reveal the drumbeat of 20 basic principles of leadership. Leadership is difficult…but it is simple. Village life provides basic illustrations of leadership.

Leadership Lessons from a Village in Africa
Paul Seger

This study guide is designed to help you put the principles of the book Chief into action. It can be used in a group setting or one-on-one.

A 31-Day Journey with Those who Lived God’s Promises
M. R. Conrad

For thirty-one days, step back in time and see how God worked in and through men and women like you. Read their stories. Hear their own words. Feel their heartbeat. Experience their struggles. Get closer to their God. Discover the source of their strength in the promises of God’s Word.

10 Roadblocks to the Great Commission
Paul Seger

The majority of churches have never sent a missionary from their congregation. That seems incongruous since those same churches love missions and missionaries. At a series of think tanks, pastors conjectured why the discrepancy between “sending” and “supporting.” This book will address the 10 reasons pastors gave for not sending missionaries from their pews.

A woman’s quest to prepare for eternity
Deborah Lake

Our lives, with all the experiences of joys, struggles, pain, and growth here on earth are a dress rehearsal for the grand performance at an appointed hour to praise Him. This is the story of a woman–Marjorie Mae Hargett, eventually known as Aunt Mae–whose life had been both a dress rehearsal and an example, who was well prepared to sing that final song.

A Social Identity Perspective on Local Leadership Development in Corinth and Ephesus
Jack Barentsen

Where did Paul find leaders for his new churches? How did he instruct and develop them? What processes took place to stabilize the churches and institute their new leadership? This book carves a fresh trail in leadership studies by looking at leadership development from a group-dynamic, social identity perspective. Paul engages the cultural leadership patterns of his key local leaders, publicly affirming, correcting, and improving those patterns to conform to a Christlike pattern of sacrificial service. Paul’s own life and ministry offer a motivational and authoritative model for his followers, because he embodies the leadership style he teaches.

Fred & Trudy Vermeulen

After having spent a lifetime in missions, it is our desire to see a new generation accept the challenge to serve the Lord on the mission field. And it does not have to be just young people!! Serving the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is NOT A SACRIFICE, but a PRIVILEGE. Too often we have been introduced, before we spoke in a church, with words: “This couple has sacrificed so much!” That is why we gave this title to our book: GOING…! A SACRIFICE?

Having a front row seat to watch God use your business to impact the world
Jeff Buckman

Jeff Buckman watched God take his company from $46,000 in sales to more than $75 million. This book is a combination of business advice and memoir, but is mostly a plea to Christian business people to dedicate their companies and talents to the glory of God and the advance of the Gospel. The more the Lord prospers us, the more we can give. In so doing, we get a “front row seat” to watch God at work in the world. With practical tips, engaging stories, and spiritual wisdom, the author encourages us to adopt an eternal perspective on our lives and businesses.

How to intercede for your missionary on the front line
David Brown

Your prayers can move beyond “God, bless the missionaries.” The Apostle Paul gave churches and believers very specific ways they could pray for him as a missionary. You can do the same right now for your friends and family who moved cross­culturally and are getting the gospel into dark places. Don’t abandon them! Provide air support for them on the front lines! The Prayer War will show you how.

How Your Church Can Identify, Train and Deploy Missionaries
Paul Seger

If your church wants to send missionaries from your congregation, this book will provide a template to establish a strategy. The study guide is designed to help the leadership team determine a way forward in identifying, training and sending missionaries from your church.

How Your Church Can Identify, Train and Deploy Missionaries
Paul Seger

This study guide is designed to help a church design a plan to implement the principles of the book Senders. If the leadership team of a church will work through the questions in this workbook it will result in a vision and strategy to launch missionaries from your church.

Loving Those We’d Rather Hate
Rob Heijermans

God extends His mercy to His worst enemies–and to ours. Serves You Right: Loving Those We’d Rather Hate explores this truth by examining the Naaman narrative in 2 Kings 5 from three intertwined perspectives.

Loving Those We’d Rather Hate
Rob Heijermans

Serves You Right Study Edition provides expanded chapters and exercises for readers who would like to dive more deeply into the story of Naaman and its implications. This book examines issues like understanding biblical narrative, kingship, and the evolution of prophetic discourse.

The Biblical Timing for Prophetic Fulfillment
Ron Bigalke

This book assesses the views of prophetic timing in relation to amillennialism, postmillennialism and premillennialism, with an extended emphasis upon the biblical texts that describe Christ’s return to the Earth. This volume is an invaluable reference in understanding the schedule of prophetic events–and why such doctrines are relevant to each of our lives.

100 Jaar Evangelische Stadsgemeenten in Belgische Grote Steden
Jack Barentsen

The testimonies of four evangelical churches in four of Belgium’s largest cities and their 100-year history, along with reflections about how to be a church to today’s modern cities, parallel to Tim Keller’s book Center Church and his city church movement.