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The Greek verb “apoluo” (to send away) is used in a positive sense in Acts 13:3 when the church at Antioch sent Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. This blog is designed to help churches select, train, and send missionaries to the harvest fields of souls.

The Power of Partnership – II

Two more qualities make partnerships powerful. Once again, we learn what they are by exploring a few passages in the New Testament. Partnerships are powerful when the partners are selfless servants. At the close of his letter to the Romans, Paul sends greetings to his friends Aquila and Priscilla—now back in Rome—and describes them as…


The Power of Partnership – I

I once read about the dynamic partnership of a commissioned missionary, a married couple who owned their own successful business, a short-term worker and a local congregation. The carefully scripted history of North American missionary efforts over the last two centuries may have viewed such a relationship with suspicion, but it was powerful because the…


Recruiting Missionaries

In the Bible, missionaries were recruited a little differently from the way we do it today.  We certainly don’t expect to replicate everything in the book of Acts; but we can gather some ideas.  Here is how they recruited missionaries at the church in Antioch (Acts 13): 1.  NO COLLEGES:  The local church was the…


Achilles Heel

According to Greek mythology, Achilles was a brave hero of the Trojan War. The story line is that his Mother, Thetis, attempted to make him immortal by immersing him in the river Styx. She held him by the ankle and dipped him completely. The only part not touched by the magic water was where she…

Raising Support:  Whose Job Is It?

Raising Support: Whose Job Is It?

Why do we assume it is the total responsibility of the missionary to raise his own support? Why not a network of people dedicated to ‘lock hands’ with the missionary in providing the prayer and financial support they need? There is no other profession or ministry that approaches salary this way. Can you imagine a…


Missionaries or Mercenaries?

Deputation is a word that strikes fear into the heart of many people looking at the missionary enterprise. Some have said, “I wouldn’t go around to churches and people begging for money.” Others look at missionaries as people who can’t make it anywhere else so they go looking for well-meaning churches to support them. While…



“Pastor Marcos, I want to lead the singing in church. I love music. I am a musician.” So said Roberto, a middle aged man in the all Hispanic congregation that I had planted some months previous to this conversation. Since I had basically been a “one man show” up to that point, leading the singing,…


National Churches as Sending Churches

American churches and missionaries should encourage national churches in other countries to become sending churches so that they send their missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission.  Especial consideration should be given to challenging national churches to send their missionaries to the places where American (or Western) missionaries cannot go; to unreached cities, unreached people groups…


Does Your Church Have an Acts 1:8 Culture?

A simple definition for culture is “the way we do things around here”.  We accept things as normal when it aligns with our culture.  It shows up in every facet of life… the way we eat and what we eat.  The way we greet each other.  The way we talk and the words we use. …



#17 in a series devoted to sending churches.  The content of this post is adapted from BMW’s 6-hour apoLuo workshop. Numbered articles are intended to be read sequentially for maximum benefit. Rear view mirrors are very helpful, and not only when we’re in reverse. Imagine pulling away from your home on the way to your…