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A Life Spared

Tini was born and raised in an isolated village* in West Africa. One day Tini and some other kids were returning to the village after having been out in the bush to collect fruit. When they reached a chest deep stream, everyone crossed over and ran ahead, leaving Tini behind. The stream was narrow enough that she was able to hang on to overhanging branches to keep from being washed downstream. As Tini crossed, a python bit her in the leg and tried to drag her under. She held on with all her might with one hand and with the other she used a knife she was carrying to repeatedly stab the snake until it finally let her go. When the snake let go, she pulled herself up on the bank and collapsed. Some time later, when her absence was noticed, the other kids went back and found her lying on the bank.

Tini is grown now. When I asked her what would have happened to her if she had died that day, she said that she would have gone to Hell. Today, she knows she will go to Heaven when she dies, but she faces harsh difficulties — insults and rejection by her peers and family. Pray that she would know the Lord’s grace and strength.

However, don’t only pray for Tini. Join our team as we reach out to Tini’s village and surrounding villages! Contact BMW’s Global Opportunities Team at to learn how to get started.

(*This village no longer exists.)