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Would There be Time?

Would There be Time?

Time was running out. With the number of pandemic cases rising and an inevitable shutdown looming in our Asian city, I scheduled the baptismal service with only a week and a half of lead time. My inner planner cringed at the spontaneity demanded by 2020. Then we prayed and waited to see if we would be able to hold the service.

The two to be baptized—a teenage boy and a middle-aged mother—invited friends and family. I coached them as they prepared to share their salvation testimonies. We held our collective breath. Would the baptism join the long list of activities cancelled by the pandemic?

Sunday came. The public gathering restrictions remained steady at half-capacity. We followed all safety protocols. With joy, two believers followed Christ in baptism.

Furthermore, the number of family and friends attending the service exceeded expectations (but stayed well within the legal limit). Even the elderly patriarch of one family shocked his relatives by coming to church for the first time in years. He and other unbelievers witnessed the faith proclaimed by those baptized. They listened as I preached the gospel from the parable of the lost sheep. God was at work.

Two days later, the government banned nearly all public gatherings to slow the spread of the pandemic outbreak. Our services and outreaches immediately reverted to online format only. Praise the Lord for the window of opportunity He provided for the baptism.

Despite the pandemic, the work of God continues. Ministry looks and feels different than ever before, but God is still convicting hearts and changing lives. The pandemic has not lessened the need to laborers in God’s harvest. Come and join us. Multiply our efforts for the cause of Christ across the world. Contact BMW’s Global Team at to get started.

photo by Aron Visuals