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An Insufficient Sacrifice

An Insufficient Sacrifice

As Mammadou listened to God’s Word and contemplated “God’s great secret” of how He would reconcile man to Himself, he couldn’t sleep. So, he would often get up at night and walk around. But if he walked around the village, people would think he was doing sorcery. So, he would go out into the bush.

When he understood that sacrifices were burnt in Old Testament times, he and his wife asked me how they should make their sacrifices to God. I reminded them of the purpose of animal sacrifices and encouraged them to keep listening to the Scriptures. However, he went and bought a ram which he intended to offer as a burnt offering. Mammadou had planned to burn it in his field so that people would not interfere. (This people group eat their sacrifices. Burning it is unheard of!)

Later, after hearing the Gospel, Mammadou gave his testimony, and in it he clearly spelled out how animal sacrifices are insufficient and were only a temporary provision until Jesus came. And now that He has come, animal sacrifices are no longer necessary because Jesus, who was God in the flesh, paid our sin debt in full.

This is just one example showing that God’s Word is still working in hearts and lives today. Make a radical choice. Follow Christ. Be a Missionary. Contact our Global Operations Team at to get started.