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Thankful to Live Among the Lost

Thankful to Live Among the Lost

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a missionary wife might look like? If so, keep reading…

“Have you seen my lost puppies?” This was the way the phone call from my neighbor started off. Half an hour later she was recounting to me how she had recently attempted suicide, but the Lord prevented her; she continued to tell me of her soul’s hunger within. I knew that the Lord had brought her to me and was answering my prayer for opportunities to share His love to those around me. Not every day feels like mission work. Some days feel like exerting all my energy just to keep a household running, and days go by when I don’t see anyone except for my own family. But God’s Spirit is never hindered, and He is always working. I am so very thankful to live among the lost and allow God to use me in any way He wills to share His love and salvation to those He sends my way.

Are you thankful for where God has you? Are you sharing His love? Would you consider sharing God’s love with the lost on a mission field far from home? We’d love to have you join us! Contact the Global Operations Team at BMW today!