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Are Cobwebs Part of Our Calling?

Are Cobwebs Part of Our Calling?

We returned from one year of home assignment eager to throw ourselves into ministry. Being away for so long was not in our original plan, yet God confirmed again and again during those months in our home country that He was in control. He had us right where He wanted us. Now that we were back we wanted to pick up right where we left off. We just needed to do a little settling in first…right?

While we were away the spiders, rats, ants and lizards had quite a time in some parts of our home- especially our schoolroom. It would take days to get things livable, and the work would be exhausting. Was this part of what we signed up for? How can this be part of sharing the gospel with the lost? Someone said, “God doesn’t lead us to our comfort zone.” Well, that was certainly true right now.

God uses my willingness to go as well as my willingness to stay when things are just plain hard. Those long and hard days of living in a tropical climate are just as much a part of His plan as are any. He is teaching me to remain where He has me, and to rely on Him whatever the task, as He fulfills His call in me. So yes, sometimes cobwebs are part of the calling, and I have found that whatever He calls us to is best.