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Is Every Christian a Missionary?

Is Every Christian a Missionary?

“You are either a missionary or a mission field”… is that an accurate statement? Should every believer be a missionary or is there a special category of believers that fit that title?

In Matthew 19:29 Jesus spoke of some who would leave “houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name’s sake.” Obviously, not every believer fits that role. So, if everyone is a missionary, then who are the people that Jesus was talking about? We might want to call them something else, but these people are certainly different from the average Christian.

We define a missionary as “a qualified leader called by the Spirit and sent out by a church on a mission to expand God’s Kingdom through evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and church-planting.” There are some key words in there: sent – expand – church-planting. Those are words that don’t fit the average believer.

All Christians should be involved in the Great Commission but there is a special class of Christian that we have traditionally called “missionaries.” So, everyone should be on mission; but not everyone is a missionary. There are, however, potential missionaries sitting in the pews of your church every Sunday. Do you know who they are? Have you encouraged them to fulfill their calling? Have you helped them on their journey to the mission field?

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