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The Mission Field at Your Doorstep

The Mission Field at Your Doorstep

“I’m from Fujian province,” Mrs. Chan answered. I expected this answer. Most Chinese carryout operators I have met are from Fujian. Our hosts for this furlough stop in a rural northeastern state had been witnessing to this lady and her family. Now as business slowed at 9:30pm on a Saturday evening, Mrs. Chan had time to meet with us.

We chatted for thirty minutes over the counter in a dated restaurant decorated by random Chinese ornaments and the artwork of the proprietor’s tween daughter. Our conversation drifted from English to Mandarin, frequently mixing the two languages. I steered us towards the Gospel.

Who was this friendly lady? An immigrant, a nominal Buddhist, a workaholic, a lover of life in the US, a mother to two culturally American daughters, and a soul loved by God and desperately in need of Christ.

The mission field is at your doorstep. Step through that door by faithfully witnessing and you may one day find yourself on the other side of the world.

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