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All Because of the Virus

All Because of the Virus

With the coronavirus threatening Hong Kong, today seemed to be an especially good day to get away from the crowds and go to the river behind our flat — to jog alone and quiet among the mountains. No face mask inhibited my breathing as I ran in the cool wind of the morning — but I ran into people.

The first was Mr. Wong, age 72. A greeting in Cantonese led to a discussion about the virus.

“I am not afraid of the virus,” he said. “See? No face mask! How about you?”

“I trust in God,” I replied. “The God who made heaven and earth. I do not need to fear.”

And so my run became a walk, and my time alone became a forty-five minute conversation that led to the Gospel. When he ambled across the bridge back to his home at the base of the mountain, I resumed my quiet jog.

Three strides later, a bald man stopped me. Accompanying him were two yellow dogs and his daughter on her bike. He had overheard Mr. Wong and me chatting about the Gospel in Cantonese. Unusually forthcoming, this man shared his doubts about Christianity, yet among the doubts, he expressed a yearning for answers. He listened as I shared from the Word of God. When we parted, he asked for my phone number so we could get together later.

And so my solitary run became a Gospel walk – all because of the virus. The cancellations caused by the virus has slowed the pace of life in Hong Kong. Most have quarantined themselves, but some venture into nature. A handful of people who would normally be rushing to work or school crossed my lonely path with time to stop and discuss the Gospel.

Maybe I should go for a run again tomorrow.

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