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Persistent, Though Threatened

Persistent, Though Threatened

It’s always rewarding to hear testimonies of those who are willing to choose Christ despite the personal cost. Here’s a testimony of one who chose Christ even though the family threatened to throw them out:

“Growing up in a very religious home, I always tried to do things to cover my guilt. I never could do enough. I was always trying and trying to feel like I was good. Someone at work began sharing truths from the Bible with me, and I began to read the Bible at home in secret. When my family found out I was reading the Bible they were very angry with me and threatened to throw me out. Still, I had to know more about Jesus. I could see that His way was the right way. Now I know in my heart that He died for my sins, and because of what He did for me my sin and guilt are removed. Now I have peace in my heart.” -Sonal

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