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“Auntie, when will we start Bible Club?” The children ran up to me again to find out. This community, known for witchcraft and rituals of fire walking to gain the favor of false deities, is filled with children. Like all children, they love to play and hear stories. Since they learn English in school, many parents allow them to attend Bible clubs where they will hear English spoken.

Through this Bible club we gained access into this community and into the hearts of many children and parents. Week after week we simply showed up with a soccer ball or other game, some Christian songs, and some Bible stories; and week after week they attended. Often a grandmother or mother would bring her children and stay to listen. Through these weeks of club God’s heart-penetrating Word was shared. Songs about His love and saving grace became cemented into their minds.

At the end of each year, we must take a break because of the coming rainy season. The kids and their families are disappointed and ask, “When will you start club again?” The sad truth is that we need more Bible club teachers. Families are eager to hear and are willing to open their hearts to someone who will love and teach their children. Come join us! Are you willing?

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