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Tributes of God’s Grace

Tributes of God’s Grace

“Turn to your neighbor and practice telling him/her how you first trusted Jesus,” I instructed my class on Sunday. Without skipping a beat, ‘B’ a 7th grade girl from the projects, looked at me and said: “when you first told us about Jesus years ago, when I was little.” At this, several other kids piped up and said the same thing.

Often times God calls us to plant the seed or water what someone else has planted, but there are moments where we have the privilege of doing both. It has been a blessing to share the gospel, see that precious seed bear fruit, and then watch it grow over time to become a beautiful tribute to God’s unending grace. Our prayer is that, if the Lord wills, we might see these children continue in their walk with the Lord and reach maturity in Christ.

Teaching children is an important and rewarding ministry within the local church. Contact us at to join a missionary team and be used of God.