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40 Questions Answered
Most churches have never sent a missionary from their own congregation. This is in spite of their high level of interest in missions that is evidenced by budgets, missions conferences and missionaries supported. What if a church wanted to send one of their own to the mission field? That would raise a lot of questions, so we’ve suggested 40 of them. We have also given our answers to these questions in the form of short video responses.
The leadership team of BMW and some board members have come together to produce 40 three-minute videos to answer questions about being a sending church. These might be helpful for the missions committee to watch; or helpful to show in church services, to train church leadership, or for potential missionaries to watch. It is our desire to help guide your thinking should you wish to be a SENDING church as well as a SUPPORTING church.
You can see a list of these questions, and watch the videos by clicking here: