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What is Your Calling- Go or Send?

What is Your Calling- Go or Send?

“You don’t have to do this,” one man said. “What are you trying to prove?” another asked. “There are souls to save right here at home.”

Why go? Is it worth it? The resounding answer is: “Yes! Advancing the name of Jesus is worth it!” We must participate in the great commission by either going or sending. The Lord commands it. So, as you are “great commissioning,” will you go to foreign soil, or will you send someone else?

Sometimes we are prevented from going, but the attitude must be: What prevents me from going? There may be many good answers to this question – a gospel ambition in your home country, poor health, lack of training, wrong timing, or responsibility to dependents just to name a few. But for those who are free, willing, and able to go, the world is our mission.

If you are not going, then how are you doing at sending? Here are some suggestions on how we can be great sending partners:

  • Read up. A simple google search will yield a number of trustworthy articles on practical ways to help.
  • Ask good questions of those in the know. Talk to your pastor or to your missionary’s area director.
  • Consider going on a mission trip. Sometimes a week, month, or even a much longer trip can help. Young singles or retirees could teach home-school for a semester or maybe manage a project for a year.
  • Consider sponsoring a trip for someone else to go assist.
  • Consider directly giving. How is the missionary’s support level? Are there any financial needs that lay outside the normal support?
  • Are there any physical resources that might help? Care packages, theological resources, outreach-oriented games, or school books may help.
  • When your missionary returns home, what will their life look like? How will their children be schooled? How much travel must they do? Who will schedule their church visits? What vehicle will they drive?
  • Does your missionary need a break? Living overseas can take a toll on any individual, especially those who are laboring for the gospel.
  • Communicate with your missionary that you are praying for a specific request for them.
  • Offer a service to your missionary when they return home, such as free medical check-up, airline miles, cellular service set-up…

So, now that you know what you could do, what will you do?