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Anju’s Road

Anju’s Road

In John nine Jesus and his disciples, while walking on the road, saw a blind man. Jesus was walking where the common man walked. Jesus was not in the temple or palace courts where He belonged. He was out where the sick, the lame, the dirty, and the poor spend their lives. That is because these are the ones His merciful heart came to serve.

Once or twice a week we travel to Anju and Reshneel’s house. They are squatters and live near the end of a row of squatter homes. There must be 20 houses on that road, all squatters. Their road is the worst road we have ever driven on. The twenty minutes that it adds to our travel are bone jarring and difficult. However, I take heart in this fact – knowing the mercy of my Savior- this is exactly the road that He would be on.

Which road should you be traveling? Is it one the Lord would choose? Contact the Global Opportunities Team at to join one of our mission teams around the globe.