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An Opportunity for Truth

An Opportunity for Truth

Establishing a presence at the local university is one of the varied projects we pursue in our northern European country. I audit up to three courses on a topic of interest all on the same day of the week. By attending and participating I can both learn and cause others – professors and students alike – to hear something from God’s Word.

Due to being away for 2 months, I was able to attend only five class sessions between February and May. But I had more opportunities than ever to give the gospel and establish relationships with students. One class dedicated a whole semester to themes elucidated by the far-Left Frankfurt School, the developers of Critical Theory (a highly influential worldview spun off by dissident Marxists after WWII). One Sunday afternoon a Teaching Assistant from NY and a local student visited us in our home to build on the classroom discussion. They spoke with us for five hours. Although they left unconvinced of the claims of Scripture, there will be chances to follow up in a few months. I gave the student a NT. His remark was, “Ah, this will give me an excuse to finally read the Bible for myself.” (Pray for this student to see the truth of God’s Word.)

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