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Coffee is Helping Missions! (Part 2)

Coffee is Helping Missions! (Part 2)

Part 1 was posted on August 5.

Bible translation is long, tedious, hard work. Bob and Cecilia Brown are currently working to translate the Bible into the Saluan language. (See previous story posted Aug 5.) God has blessed by providing them with Grace, a full-time translator. Grace works full time, and there are about twelve others who help with recording the first draft, editing, and doing comprehension checks. Coffee Helping Missions (CHM) has covered their pay and other costs for the past 3 years. In August last year CHM also paid for the two-week consultant check in which 22 Old Testament chapters were scrutinized, and finally approved. This year the Browns will train another full-time helper.

The Browns face another huge undertaking – going back into a remote mountain area where several clusters of primitive Saluan people are still without the gospel. Last year they taught the Bible to a group that was a five-hour hike from the coast. They were thrilled to teach them in their own language and see them come to believe. They will go back there this year and teach them more. Even deeper into the interior is another cluster of about two hundred other primitive tribal people who still need to be reached.

The Saluan will eventually have the entire Bible in their language and believers will populate new churches along the mountains, valleys and coastline. Want to be a part of this? Visit to get started.