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Coffee is Helping Missions! (Part 1)

Coffee is Helping Missions! (Part 1)

For over two decades, God has used Bob and Cecilia Brown to translate Scripture for the Saluan people of Sulawesi, Indonesia. When moving to the opposite side of the island they discovered that the Saluan spoken by the interior people was very different from that spoken by coastal people. These people in the coastal villages needed their own translation. They numbered about 100,000 people.

Starting over with a completely new translation was very disappointing at first. The Browns knew they would not be able to complete a New Testament in their lifetime. They needed help! Biblical Ministries has been aggressive in recruiting missionaries to join the Browns in this project. God has blessed, and new missionaries are now at various stages of getting to the field to help. In addition to that, God provided a young Saluan believer named Grace, who was happy to leave her well-paying job to become a full-time translation helper. She spent two years learning the many skills involved in Bible translation, and then she translated two Old Testament books, Ruth and Esther. As it turned out, her village became the source for the other translation helpers they needed.

For three years now, Coffee Helping Missions has covered the various costs of this translation work. Find out more about Coffee Helping Missions and how you can help fund this translation work simply by drinking coffee.

Check out this video to meet Bob Brown. (More videos to come…)