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Your Church Doesn’t Need a Mission’s Pastor

Your Church Doesn’t Need a Mission’s Pastor
JD Grear’s book, “Gaining by Losing” he has a chapter entitled “Your church doesn’t need a missions pastor.” His argument is that the senior pastor should be the missions pastor. After all, the church only has one mission and surely the pastor should be leading in the direction of the church. For too many churches, missions is one of the multitude of programs of the church. Each program tends to be an end to itself and doesn’t contribute to the main mission…. the Great Commission. Relegating missions to a committee of the church signals that mission is just one of many things the church does.
Imagine what your church would be like if the senior pastor took ownership of the mission of the church. Articulating and activating the mission and vision is the role of any leader. This is foundational to the job description of a leader. So why would a key leader delegate this to someone else?
Obviously, there are multiple details in managing the mission and international ministries. So, yes, there needs to be a team or committee to help with that but think of the difference it would make if the pastor was the main person leading and pushing the mission? What if the pastor was chairman of the missions committee? What if all the programs and events of the church contributed to the fulfillment of the mission?
It is sometimes said that parachurch organizations exist because the local church has handed over responsibility for some aspect of ministry. Perhaps that has happened with the Great Commission. Most churches have a missions budget and have an interest in missions, but the church has subconsciously given this role to mission agencies… or maybe agencies have just taken it. Local churches and pastors need to be in the drivers seat and drive the mission of the church. At BMW, we willingly take the subservient role of supporting and enhancing the role of the local church in missions. Please don’t give us the keys… You drive!