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A Spiritually Dark Place

A Spiritually Dark Place

Prison – a spiritually dark place, yet the light of God’s Word has infiltrated its darkness through the ministry of God’s people. One man wrote to a local ministry:

Thank you for all the effort on your part in sharing the Word of God with us. I have learned to treat people a different way. My manner of expressing myself is very different from before hearing of Jesus Christ. I can say that I am another person since I accepted Jesus Christ in my life. Also, I have learned to pardon, even though it cost me much work. Thanks to these courses I feel like a free person even though I still am in prison. I have learned to leave all my problems and worries in the hands of Jesus Christ so that He does His will in me.

Praise God! He is still using His people and His Word to reach those in spiritually dark places. Join one of our teams! Contact our Global Opportunites Team at to get started.