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Shotgun or Rifle?

Shotgun or Rifle?
There are two approaches to “doing” missions in a local church. Some churches seek to support a missionary in every country in the world so they take on support for dozens of missionaries at $25 each. Other churches are more targeted in their approach and choose a specific people or nation and they take on fewer missionaries for support at a higher dollar amount each month.. It is the difference between using a shotgun or a rifle. Positive things can be said about either approach but there is an interesting dynamic that flows from using a rifle.
I am a member of Lebanon Baptist Church in Roswell, GA. Our “vision is to raise up and send our own to establish churches in Atlanta, the Salt Lake Valley, Indonesia and the world.” While we support over 40 missionaries around the world (and will continue to support them) we are presently focusing our attention on three destinations. We are of course interested in our own community but at the same time, aiming for Utah as our “Judea” and Indonesia as our “uttermost part.” It has been interesting to watch the energy level increase by focusing on three specific target areas. Being precise in our target areas has resulted in one couple already on the way to Indonesia. Others in our church are considering involvement in either Utah or Indonesia as missionaries. Being clear about our interests has created a good missions surge in the church.
It is a bit overwhelming to the average church member to tell them to reach the world. Putting the vision in bite-sized pieces helps to narrow the options and put some specifics in front of the congregation. it is expecting a lot for a church member to be aware or engaged in 40 different places around the world… so having a bulls eye helps eliminate the complexity.
You might want to consider replacing your shotgun with a rifle to better hit your target.
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