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Who Would Have Guessed?!

Who Would Have Guessed?!

“I’m trying to find a ride to town so that you can pick up the boys for Church,” she said over the phone. Who would have guessed that the mom that got kicked out of the projects for selling drugs would be the one most concerned that her kids made it on Sunday mornings? Every Wednesday for Club she waits almost two hours for the van to come and pick up her children before heading home.

Truly, we can never know where the seed will take root and grow. We thank the Lord for taking these boys who started out as kicking, screaming, and very disobedient six-year-old’s and turning them into sweet, affectionate, (albeit sometimes rambunctious) eight-year-old’s who never miss a day.

Pray that the Lord will grow them into men that love and serve the Lord with all their hearts and that are a shining testimony to others. Contact the GO Team at to find out how to join one of our teams around the globe.