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She Prayed, God Answered

She Prayed, God Answered

Every missionary comes with a story, or many of them. They are stories of God’s work and faithfulness. Missionaries have a unique perspective of God’s work that yields a powerful view of who God is. Not only do they get the privilege to see God answer prayer, missionaries can also be the answer to prayer.

Two missionary families began a work together in an area where there appeared to be no genuine believers . It takes a stronger word than ‘hard’ to describe both the work of the missionaries and the hearts of the people. Then, in search of a biblically-guided church, one woman reached out to a mutual contact in a neighboring town. That man put the woman in contact with the missionaries.

She had been uncertain of what to do and had prayed about moving to another province for the sake of her spiritual growth. After several months one thing became clear: she prayed and God answered.

What an awesome God! You could be the answer to someone’s prayer. Contact our Global Opportunities Team at to find out more about serving through missions.