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Are You Willing?

Are You Willing?

“Do you know why I am a Christian?” I asked the church’s next-door neighbor as I gnawed on a roasted ear of corn during a barbecue just in front of the church. From where we talked, we could see the lights of a thousand skyscraper windows, blinking down on us in the twilight.

“Your society in the U.S. is Christian, so you are Christian,” she answered. “My husband’s family is Buddhist, so he is Buddhist. The society where I grew up has no religion, so I have no religion.”

“For some who claim to be Christians, this is true,” I replied. “They say they are Christians because of the society around them, but for me, this is not the case. Would you like to know why I have decided to be a Christian?” What followed was probably the first presentation of the Gospel that this lady had ever heard.

Would you be willing to move to an Asian city and be the first living example of genuine Christianity someone has ever seen?

Take a radical step and leave all that is familiar behind. Join our team in Asia to share God’s good news with many who have never heard. Contact our Global Opportunities Team at to learn how to get started.