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God of All gods

She looked up at me with bright, innocent eyes. “That is our god,” she told me as we both looked at the picture of the man in an orange jumpsuit. We were at the home of non-Christian friends for a birthday party. This sweet little girl was a classmate of my seven year old daughter.

It grieved me to think that she had never met Jesus, the God of gods and Lord of lords. This god of hers was a man who was unable to hear her or even know her. Not only did he require personal care, gifts were necessary to get his attention. But, Jesus came both to give us life by laying down His own, and to serve us (Jn 10:10, Mat. 10:45). He always wants to hear us, to deliver us, to know us.

Lord, please save this little girl and so many like her whose only knowledge of God is of one who leads her away from the truth.

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