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Why Missions?

Why Missions?
The fires in California last fall were the worst in it’s history. CNN reported approximately 8,000 firefighters deployed, 6,000 homes destroyed and 113,000 acres burned. Forty-four souls perished. Can you imagine if the authorities deployed 80% of the firefighters to an area with 20% of the fires, and the other 20% to an area with 80% of the fires? Yet, the majority of gospel workers are concentrated in areas with the least need, while the areas with the most need are neglected.
About 6 years ago, I looked around our church one Sunday and had a morbid thought. In our church of 150 folks, if 10 of the best men died, would the church carry on? I looked around and counted. There was no doubt that while the church would struggle, it would survive. This is not so in most of the world. My immediate thought was, “I want to go where churches are not yet existing. I want to go where my presence is critical. I want to stretch my faith and risk all for the gospel.” We have found deep joy serving in a land where the need is great and the workers are few.
The great commission is still calling. Will you go? Contact us at to apply.