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One Seed at a Time

One Seed at a Time

A few weeks ago, Kathy and I were grabbing a cup of coffee at the local supermarket. A retired couple were seated at a table near us. They nodded hello and we recognized the faces but did not know their names. When they rose to leave a half hour later, we struck up a conversation in Luxembourgish.

The husband said to me, “you’re into religion, aren’t you?” They had remembered our son who used to play trumpet in the town band years ago. When I explained I was a pastor who taught the Bible, the wife asked if we were Protestants. That led to some longer explanations about what we did, including the Luxembourgish NT project.

I suggested they might wish to have a copy. No, thank you, that was okay . . . they were neither very religious nor very supportive of the Catholic church. I took a wiser tack, explaining that I was finishing a research project on the NT at the local university. Would they be willing to help me on it by giving feedback on the NT? Of course they would!

They promised to swing by later in the day to pick up two copies of the questionnaire and a copy of the NT. Sure enough, they followed through. We promised them a cup of coffee and a chat when they brought back the completed questionnaires. True to their word, they rang the doorbell the next week, documents in hand. We invited them in and talked for another half hour about the claims of the Scriptures, encouraging them to read the translation more on their own.

We have no idea when we will see them again (they live in the next village), but trust the Holy Spirit to do His sovereign work in the coming months. One seed at a time . . .