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The Power of the Spirit

The Power of the Spirit

Have you felt the power? There is an electric feeling as you share Christ with someone who you know has never heard it before. It is the knowledge that the Spirit is opening your mouth to declare truth. You feel the gospel as the power of God being poured through you to them. One of my evangelist heroes says, “When we share Christ, we are getting to sit in God’s lap and watch Him at work.” We never feel quite so close to Him as when we are about our Father’s business.

But the power of God is not the only power that can be felt. The veil between spiritual and physical seems paper thin here, and the powers of darkness aren’t just an abstract concept. Their presence can be sensed when you find yourself angry for no reason, or when you wake in the night with dread, or when your future seems bleak – filled only with stress and chaos. Thankfully, in these moments we can cry out to our loving Savior. We can feel the comforting presence of His Holy Spirit. The missionary experience for me means feeling the heat of the battle and the thrill of victory. Any time we engage the lost it is a battle for their soul. And anytime God uses us to show forth His glory in the darkness is a victory.

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