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When God Opens the Door

When God Opens the Door

How does a teacher in a staunchly secular public school system, find herself giving the gospel to the whole school at one time? Simple. She waits until asked by the principal.

This unlikely scenario played out recently in an overseas school where a BMW missionary works. The God who holds all things in his hands, even philosophically non-religious schools, moved the principal to ask the missionary to tell her life story in school assembly. She did wonder, however, “How can a Christian tell her life story without telling of the One who has given her eternal life?” Knowing the school’s position against religion and seeing this as a potential barrier for respectful and effective witness, she asked the principal if it would be okay to talk about Christ as part of her story. To her joy she was given a green light to go ahead. How exciting to find herself showing slides of her childhood back in America while talking of the One who has given her life ultimate meaning. A crowd of 100 unsuspecting but attentive listeners heard Christ exalted that day.

Isn’t that the reason for missions—to exalt Christ and His work among those who do not know Him? Want to learn more about missions through BMW? Contact the GO Team at