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Shedding Misunderstanding

Shedding Misunderstanding

There it stood, a simple, common 2×5 garden shed, perched vexingly in the wrong spot.

I had drawn a rectangle in the dirt exactly where I wanted the shed, stopping to repeat in clear, slow English, “please move the shed here.” Most Zulu speakers have some fluency in English. Yet, my Zulu friend, Senzo, had not understood.

Having run errands in town, I returned home to my smiling wife telling me that the shed had been re-positioned on a proper block foundation. Yet, I could tell from her quirky smile that something was off.

Rounding the corner, I saw it. Why is my shed resting askew in the middle of the yard? While laughing, I pondered the problem. I had communicated in Senzo’s second language, English. Aha! To get this right, I had needed to speak in Isi-Zulu.

If we were miscommunicating about a garden shed, which can be seen, what was happening when we spoke of the Lord, who cannot be seen? Our strong resolve to master the Isi-Zulu language increased.

Lord, please raise up a generation of gospel workers willing to speak the good news in the heart language of every tribe, tongue, and people until He returns. Contact the GO-Team at to learn more about becoming a missionary with BMW.