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Ephesians 4 is a beautiful picture of a church functioning for the glory of God and the good of God’s people. It’s a picture of God’s equipping the church body using individual gifts, attaining unity of faith and love. In the northern corridor of Argentina sits one of only four churches to reach 1.3 million people! Despite its desire to be the church God ordains, its very existence is in a state of emergency because it lacks biblically qualified leaders.

What does one do? – embrace God’s grace and provision. Graciously, God has allowed us to begin teaching and discipling the people in this church. Living two hours away means we are unable to devote daily time with the believers. Therefore, we embrace God’s provision of technology and use it accordingly. For example: the people of the church are studying the book of James verse by verse at the same time. They are all being confronted with God’s truth together! Through WhatsApp, we joyfully share pictures of the studies, ask questions to understand, and ultimately challenge one another with the truths we are learning.

While not ideal, God has provided this church the opportunity to pour into one another’s lives continuously through technology. They are utilizing it to share their love for God and love for one another.

God will make a way! Is God leading you to help a church like this one? He will make a way. Contact us at for information on joining the team in Argentina.