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No Money in the Budget

No Money in the Budget
One of the frequent responses Appointees receive from churches is that there is no more money in the budget to take on another missionary. While it is true that there may be no money in the budget, there is still a lot of money available.
I was the Assistant Pastor of a church in North Carolina before going to the mission field. One of the teens in that youth group went on to become a pastor. I recruited him to come join me in Africa and when he decided to be a missionary, he went back to the church he grew up in and asked if they would be willing to support him financially. Unfortunately, the missions budget was already obligated. But the church realized he was one of their own and that they should do something. That church ended up taking on half of his support.
The money was there all along… in the pockets of church members. Every church has a lot more financial potential for supporting missions but there needs to be a compelling vision and the right person to support. One of the dynamics of sending your own missionary is there is much more interest in financial commitment. People will give above and beyond if they really know the person leaving for the mission field. Being a SENDING church will increase the interest and involvement of people in the pew, just because they have a deep connection with one of their own.
It doesn’t matter if it is “not in the budget.” Send one of your own and watch the giving increase.