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Death – the Door to Immortality

Death  – the Door to Immortality

“Why do you cry at death? Don’t you know that death is immortality?” These were the words of comfort at the funeral of a man we studied the Bible with. Often, the response to the most devastating circumstances is to give the most hopeful of outlooks. While veiled differently, this is a typical response to death; but what if it is a false hope?

That man never did embrace Christ fully, but these words are true: death was immortality. It’s not the same immortality they meant though. For those without Christ, it’s eternity of agony separated from Him.

Never have I heard such wailing at a funeral as I do at those here in Argentina. We don’t grieve like that in the States. Yet, the wailing is appropriate because it expresses the tremendous grief at a somber reality: people are dying apart from the Savior.

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