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A Sweet Harvest

A Sweet Harvest
Anil’s life in a hut on a mountainous sugar cane farm knew plenty of hardship. Plowing, planting and harvesting with the help of only their bullock, Anil’s family had sacrificed to the gods for generations to ensure their farming success. Into the midst of this darkness walked missionaries with a message of hope and life through Jesus Christ. When Anil heard the gospel, he believed. But his family shunned and ridiculed him when he studied the Bible, attended church and sang songs of worship to Jesus. Anil clung to the truth and love he had found in Christ even though his wife and daughters had long walked away from him.
Over many years, the testimony of Anil’s faithfulness to Christ and the gospel words he has spoken to his family have trickled into their hearts, softening them like gentle rain on hard ground. His brother now joins the Bible studies, nodding thoughtfully and asking questions. Anil’s grandchildren attend church with him, listening to Bible teaching and enjoying the after church snacks. Most recently, Anil’s son-in-law has opened his heart to receive Christ. Anil’s eyes smile when he recounts the goodness of God to him and to those he loves. He knows that the reward of calloused hands and tired backs is a sweet harvest.
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