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Decorate for Missions

Decorate for Missions
If a person walked into your church building for the first time, would they know that missions is important even if they did not talk to anyone? That can be accomplished by the way you decorate your church building.
Does the decor of your facilities “scream” missions? Most churches have at least a missionary board or a missionary wall. Often it is located down an obscure hallway and visited only periodically by the missions committee to pin a new picture or place a prayer letter. Sometimes churches have special decorations for the missions conference… but what about the other 51 weeks of the year? If missions is really a priority, should it show up the rest of the year?
One way to make this a big deal is to decorate your building to indicate missions is a priority. Google “missions decor” and you will come up with a myriad of ideas for decorating. Check out Pinterest for the same thing. Additionally, there are probably creative people in your church who could radically improve the look of your building so that missions is obviously important to you.
If missions is a big deal, then make it a big deal.