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Spiritual Grandfathering

Spiritual Grandfathering

As I walked through the busy streets of a densely populated Asian city, my mobile phone dinged, announcing a new text message. It read, “Good morning, Pastor, in this morning, I tried to lead my son to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour, but I failed…”

One week before, the gentleman who sent this message along with nearly 30 others had attended a training seminar I taught on evangelizing children. After the seminar, he had immediately applied what he had learned from the seminar, sharing the Gospel with his son.

I replied to his message: “You did not fail. You planted a seed… I will pray with you that God will make these seeds bear fruit in the future and that one day soon your son will understand the Gospel and be saved.”

About a month later, I ran into this gentleman at a local fellowship, his face was beaming. “I led my son to the Lord! This time, he really understood.” Not long after this, another attendee of that training reported that he had used what he had learned to lead an elderly lady on her deathbed to the Lord.

There is no greater joy than leading someone to Christ, but training others to lead others to Christ multiplies that joy. If leading someone to Christ makes you a spiritual father, does successfully training someone who leads others to Christ make you a spiritual grandfather? In either case, we need more of both!

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