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Divine Appointment in Disguise

Divine Appointment in Disguise

It was 1981. Bob and Cecilia’s hearts sank. The door was firmly and finally closed. No way would the remote interior tribe allow foreigners to live in their village.

Fast-forward thirty years. Their chief, Antimu, lands himself in prison—for murder. A week later the fierce warrior leader is surprised to be visited by a white man who, unbelievably, speaks fluently the dialect of his obscure tribe! Weeks of regular jail visits turn into months of systematic Bible teaching in the language of Antimu’s heart, leading to his conversion. He has now invited—actually demanded—that Bob and Cecilia teach the Bible in the very place, where three decades ago, they were rejected!

The hike, the helicopter ride and the hut pose no hurdles for these grandparent missionaries. The sweet work of sharing the gospel with these spiritually hungry people has been thirty years in the making. Their keen disappointment back then was actually a divine appointment in disguise. The all-wise, all-loving God prepared all things according to His good purpose!

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