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Seeing God’s Hand in a Taxi Cab

Seeing God’s Hand in a Taxi Cab

“No $500 bills,” the bearded taxi driver grunted in Cantonese. “You must have change.” A friend and I had just climbed into the taxi on the way to teach a Bible class. The taxi driver had no interest in conversing with us so my friend and I chatted in the back seat.

Two days later, in a different, densely populated area near the class location, I again snagged a taxi. “No $500 bills. You must have change.” I did a double-take. Same grumpy tone. Same salt and pepper beard. Same taxi driver! Among hundreds of taxis, the probability of getting the same taxi driver in a different area twice in a span of three days must be minuscule!

The divine coincidence led to a Gospel conversation. The driver had questions like “Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?” A Christian friend had given him an over-simplified answer to this question, and the driver was unsatisfied. The Lord gave me the opportunity to provide a more comprehensive, gospel-centered explanation. Having answered his question, he was no longer grumpy or confrontational. He completely opened up, asking more questions about sin and a right relationship with God.

We arrived at the class site, blocking the entry gate while we continued to talk. The security guard began to stare at us, and so we ended the conversation with a Gospel tract, the church address, and an invitation to talk again. As I climbed out of the taxi, the driver was writing the Scripture passage that I recommended he begin reading. I could definitely see God’s hand in this unusual opportunity to share the gospel.

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