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Finding Freedom Behind Bars

Finding Freedom Behind Bars

Prison is a mission field in and of itself. One elderly Latino inmate was saved in prison years ago before being taken off death row. He learned to read, write and study. He has taught many men and led many of them to Christ. This man wrote: I only have a little time left (lung and liver disease). They have told me here that nothing can be done for me. In a short amount of time I have lost 30 lbs., but thanks to God, I am tranquil and no longer worry about my health. I am very focused on the spiritual so that I can fight the good fight until the end of my life. What worries me the most is the salvation of my mother (age 91, living in another country) who has a hardened heart.”

God uses willing servants – some within the walls of prison.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ to have boldness behind bars.