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A Murderer With No Sin

A Murderer With No Sin

“You’ve never sinned?” “No,” came the response from a man who had seen much in his 65 years. And that’s how the conversation went as he responded to each of the missionary’s promptings about lying, stealing, etc. After years of sharing the gospel, something happened that we never prepared for: we had finally found the perfect person.

Of course, that was not the case at all. Instead, the man simply had a low view of Christ and a high view of self that minimized the severity of sin. Such a view is not uncommon though. In many cultures with no biblical influence, sharing the gospel means explaining basic concepts that are often assumed to be known in the United States. Doing so requires time, patience, and persistence.

For the man who had no sin, it also took time. He later revealed that he had once murdered a man. Yet, after learning the gravity of sin, he stood convicted just like all others and eventually made a profession of faith to a righteous God to forgive his unrighteousness. This is ministry: investing time with people for the glory of God.

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Disclaimer: Photo displayed is not the man spoken of in the story.