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How Many Christians Does it Take?

How Many Christians Does it Take?
Do you ever wonder how many Christians it takes for one person to come to Christ? Consider the case of two school girls in Australia.
Ruby and Charlotte met in junior high, and their friendship grew naturally. Ruby’s family had taught her the gospel from the earliest age, but Charlotte’s family had no interest in the Bible, with the exception of her Christian grandmother. At a summer camp that someone had sponsored Ruby to attend, the speaker challenged her to share Christ with her classmates. As a result, Ruby and her family began to pray for Charlotte by name. As Charlotte’s curiosity rose, Ruby freely discussed Bible truths with her. Elsewhere, unbeknownst to Ruby, another friend had taken Charlotte to youth group. On the following Monday morning at school, Charlotte announced to Ruby that she had given her life to Jesus. Such happy news!
Did you count the people that played a part in bringing Charlotte to Christ?
You should have counted Ruby, Ruby’s camp sponsors, the camp speaker, Ruby’s family, Charlotte’s praying grandmother, Charlotte’s other friend and her parents who provided transport, the youth group speaker, and Charlotte herself. This does not include the many others known only to God whose prayers, giving, Christ-centered living and speaking paved the way for one teenager to come to know Jesus.
Over all these people presides the sovereign Lord of the Harvest who chose Charlotte for Himself before the foundation of the world and chose these people to go and bear fruit. Each of us has work to do in God’s harvest fields. Where do you see your part?