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God – the Secret Keeper

God – the Secret Keeper

A commonly used name for God is “Creator King.” However, the local tribal people we minister to believe His ability to create is not attributed to His uniqueness, sovereignty and omnipotence but rather His keeping of secrets. Here is one example:

It is said, “When God was going to put Adam’s spirit into him, He told everyone not to look. All the animals and the white people obeyed and looked away, but the wasp peeked as God did it. When God caught him peeking He grabbed him and squeezed (thus the thin body and big bum). God also told him that because of this he would never be able to reproduce. Therefore, you often don’t see eggs in some wasps’ nests. Instead, they take caterpillars and make them them their ‘children’ by putting spirit into them and making them into wasps.

For God’s Word to become the authority in their lives, this myth and others like it have to be graciously confronted with God’s Word. It also helps to explain why they don’t see eggs in the wasp nests–the wasp lays the eggs inside of the caterpillar.

Pray that they will reject the lie, giving God His rightful place as the only One Who has the power to create and give life.